April 14, 2023 These Are the 5 Best Books of 2022

These Are the 5 Best Books of 2022

These Are the 5 Best Books of 2022

As book lovers, we crave to find the best books to dive into. We want to be moved, inspired, and entertained, transported to different worlds, and enlightened by different perspectives. Luckily, every year, the literary world delivers a plethora of exciting new releases that cater to our diverse tastes and interests. In 2022, that is no exception. We’ve scoured the shelves and delved into the pages to bring you a list of the top five books to look out for in 2022.

1. “The Four Winds” by Kristin Hannah
As the bestselling author of “The Nightingale,” Kristin Hannah has become a voice that readers trust. “The Four Winds” takes us on a journey through the Great Depression, following the life of Elsa Martinelli, a young mother who leaves Texas to escape an unfulfilling life. The novel explores the themes of motherhood, resilience, and the power of the human spirit. With Hannah’s signature poetic prose and emotional depth, this book is sure to be a standout in 2022.

2. “The Lincoln Highway” by Amor Towles
From the author of “A Gentleman in Moscow” and “Rules of Civility,” comes “The Lincoln Highway,” a story about a trio of teenage boys who embark on an adventure across 1950s America. The boys escape from their bleak lives in Pittsburgh and set out to find a family member in Wyoming. Along the way, they meet various characters who shape their journey and come to understand the importance of friendship, loyalty, and freedom.

3. “The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba” by Chanel Cleeton
“The Most Beautiful Girl in Cuba” is a historical fiction novel set during the late 19th century in Cuba. The story centers on three women – Evangelina Cisneros, a Cuban revolutionary; Grace Harrington, an American reporter; and Marina Perez, a cigar factory worker. The women’s paths converge when Evangelina is imprisoned and Grace fights for her freedom. Through their intertwined stories, the novel explores the themes of war, justice, feminism, and the power of the press.

4. “The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot” by Marianne Cronin
“The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot” is a heart-warming debut novel that tells the story of two women who are at opposite ends of their lifetimes. Lenni, a 17-year-old resident of a hospital’s palliative care unit, befriends Margot, a 83-year-old fellow patient. The novel takes us on their journey through their different ages and experiences, finding beauty in life and joy in the world around them.

5. “What Strange Paradise” by Omar El Akkad
The author of “American War,” Omar El Akkad, returns with “What Strange Paradise,” a novel that examines the refugee crisis and the human consequences of borders and politics. The story follows Amir, a young boy who escapes from Syria and washes up on a Mediterranean beach in Greece. The novel explores the themes of empathy, identity, and the complexities of our current world.

Before Conclusion: A Comprehensive Guide on Reading in 2022

1. Make a Reading Resolution: Setting yourself a reading goal or challenge can motivate you to read more books and diversify your reading habits. You can aim to read a certain number of books, read books from different genres or authors, or participate in a book club.

2. Create a Reading List: Putting together a list of books you want to read can help you stay focused and keep track of the books you want to get through. You can create a list based on recommendations, bestsellers, or a particular theme.

3. Read Diversely: Make an effort to read books by authors from different cultural backgrounds, races, genders, and sexual orientations. This can help broaden your perspective, challenge your biases, and expose you to new and different experiences.

4. Take Notes: Jotting down quotes, thoughts, or things you learned while reading can help you retain information and engage with the book more deeply.

5. Participate in Discussions: Joining online or in-person book discussions can give you a chance to share your thoughts, learn from others, and find a community of like-minded readers.

In Conclusion

2022 promises to be a fantastic year for book lovers, with a diverse range of exciting new releases to choose from. Whether you’re into historical fiction, young adult novels, or thought-provoking contemporary literature, you’re sure to find something to captivate you. With the comprehensive guide above, you can take your reading journey to the next level, make the most of your reading time, and broaden your horizons one book at a time. Happy reading!

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