March 25, 2023 Lucy Christopher Stolen Duet Reading Order

Lucy Christopher – Stolen Duet Reading Order

H2: Lucy Christopher – Stolen Duet Reading Order

If you’re a fan of young adult fiction, you may have heard of Lucy Christopher and her Stolen Duet. This two-book series follows the story of Gemma, a teenage girl who is kidnapped while on vacation and taken to the Australian outback. The series has captured the hearts of many readers with its hauntingly beautiful writing and emotional depth. If you’re interested in reading the Stolen Duet, here is the suggested reading order:

1. Stolen
2. Take Me There (a short story)

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at each book in the duet and why you should add it to your reading list.


Stolen is the first book in the duet, and it introduces readers to Gemma Toombs, a 16-year-old girl who is vacationing in Bangkok with her family when she is kidnapped and taken to the Australian outback. Her captor, Ty, is a complicated character who is both menacing and sympathetic. As Gemma navigates her new life with him, she comes to understand that there is more to him than meets the eye.

Stolen is a compelling and beautifully written novel that explores themes of identity, trauma, and the power of nature. Christopher’s prose is lyrical and evocative, bringing the harshness of the Australian outback to life.

Take Me There

Take Me There is a short story that is set in the same world as Stolen. It follows Ty as he tries to make sense of his life after Gemma’s departure. The story is a moving exploration of grief and loss, and it provides readers with a deeper understanding of Ty’s character.

If you enjoyed Stolen, you should definitely check out Take Me There. It will give you a new perspective on the story and add to your understanding of the characters.

In conclusion, the Stolen Duet is a must-read for fans of young adult fiction. The series is beautifully written and explores complex themes with sensitivity and depth. If you’re looking for a new book series to add to your reading list, look no further than the Stolen Duet.

Before we finish up, here are some additional recommendations for those who want to get the most out of their reading experience:

– Take your time with each book. The Stolen Duet is not a fast-paced thriller, but rather a slow-burning exploration of character and theme. Give yourself the time to savor the writing and let the story sink in.
– Do some research on the Australian outback. Christopher’s writing is incredibly vivid and immersive, but you can enhance your reading experience by learning more about the landscape and culture of the outback.
– Consider reading Stolen alongside a book about trauma and its effects. The book deals with heavy themes, and it may be helpful to read a complementary book that delves into the psychological ramifications of trauma.
– Join a book club or online discussion group. The Stolen Duet is a fantastic book to discuss with others. You can share your thoughts and interpretations with others and gain new insights into the story.

In summary, reading the Stolen Duet is a rewarding and immersive experience that is sure to stay with you long after you finish the last page. Be sure to check it out and immerse yourself in the world that Lucy Christopher has created.

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